Training for tutors who give exercises

Tutor Exercises

This qualification is aimed at tutors who design exercises e. g. in mechanics, electrical engineering or computer science.

Die Ausbildung wird von Experten des Zentrums für Lehren und Lernen, der Fachdidaktik der Ingenieurwissenschaften und erfahrenen studentischen Tutoren geleitet.

The training consists of four dates (see figure). The first three dates are full-day and the last date is half-day. The first and second training days are i. R . temporally before the start of the exercises, the third training date approximately in the first third and the fourth date in the last third of the lecture period.

Procedure of the tutor training

About the tutor training

On the first day, the tutors deal with their role as a tutor, the didactic basics and methods. In the first self-study phase, the tutors use their knowledge from the first training day to prepare the simulation of an exercise sequence.

The second training day usually follows a few days after the first. On this day, the tutors carry out their simulations and receive individual feedback. After the second training day, the tutors start their exercises. In the following self-study phase, they reflect on their exercises in a question-led manner and analyse tasks that they work on with their students with regard to their conduciveness to learning.

The third day of training begins with supervision. Afterwards, the tutors deal with their task analyses and possible misconceptions as well as didactic tools that can support them in overcoming them. In the last self-study phase, the tutors carry out a peer observation and write a reflection report.

At the fourth meeting, the tutors exchange ideas with their supervisors from the institutes and work on a topic of their choice.

Visual preparation of a presentation on the training course