Structure of the Center for Teaching and Learning


The Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) is one of the most respected centers Germany wide for engineering education. It’s goal: The science-based development of contemporary teaching methods in engineering – for the TUHH and for the specialist community beyond TUHH.

Fields of Action of the ZLL

1) Institution: The ZLL is commited to create the institutional structure for good teaching at the TUHH (i.e through legislation, processes etc.).

2) Lectures: The ZLL advices for the design of special lectures and learning situations and works on exemplary solutions together with the teachers.

3) Curricula: The ZLL is committed to coherent curricula and a constant coordination with didactic approaches in courses of study.

4) Research: The ZLL along with its related department of didactics in Engineering create, through their research the scientific basis for contemporary Engineering education.

Organization of the ZLL

The core of the ZLL is a double structure of teaching coordinators and subject specialists. The teaching coordinators supervise all innovation processes in each one of the six Faculties, to which they are professionally associated with, at the TUHH. Whereas the subject specialists are specialists for a certain didactic area (PBL, active learning, media-enhanced learning, examination concepts, and scientific writing), which they represent in each Faculty. For the restructuring of concrete lectures teams of consisting of expert representatives, the associated teaching coordinators as well as the thematic subject specialists concerned are formed.

In addition the ZLL offers the teaching staff of the TUHH a comprehensive Hochschuldidaktisches training program. This as well as the consultation is based upon scientific work of subject didactics in Engineering, which forms its own unit.

The quality of work the ZLL delivers is ensured through their own internal quality management system as well as a project advisory board with external experts. The ZLL is assigned to the Vice President for Acedemic Affaires of the TUHH.

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