Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

Main idea

Through the Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) students can deliver feedback concerning lectures of any size during the semester. Possible changes on the basis of the feedback can then be implemented in the ongoing lecture. To ensure a greater openness of students, the feedback is gathered in the absence of the lecturer. The ZLL personnel lead moderated group discussions to three main questions. The answers are then reflected back to the lecturer.

TAP includes two half hour sessions during a lecture at about halfway through the semester. The first session is used for data acquisition from the students, the second for the reflection of the consequences again with the students.


Prozess des Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)
Prozess des Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)
  • Contact us via the form below
  • ZLL personnel will arrange an appointment with you for the data acquisition.
  • On this date the lecture will end half an hour earlier than usual. You will introduce the ZLL personnel and will then exit the auditorium.
  • The ZLL personnel will then lead a discussion of the following questions:
    • What do I need, in order to be able to learn well in this lecture?
    • How can I learn well in this lecture?
    • What is missing in this lecture?
  • The ZLL will work through the data, and will then discuss the interpretation and advise you on possible consequences.
  • In the following week the students will report back what consequences you have learned from the feedback.



I am interested in using the Teaching Analysis Poll in my lecture. Please contact me to discuss details.

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