Symposium Research-related teaching at the TUHH

Research-related teaching: joint and discursive

We cordially invite you to make research-related teaching and research-based learning visible at the TUHH – as students, lecturers, from service & administration as well as interested guests – and to enter into a joint discussion!

13.00 – 15.00 (Luk Foyer) Research-related Teaching and Learning through Research at the TUHH // Practices of engaging students in research @TUHHstrong,

We are looking forward to awarding five (still secret) prize winners! The awards will be presented by Prof. Kuchta (Vice President Teaching) and Ms. Thon-Gairola (ZLL).

Since 2016, the prize has been awarded to tutors who design their courses with commitment, specifically activate students and support them in finding their own solutions and contribute to good teaching at the TUHH. (german only)

A poster session will present teaching innovation projects from all departments that have integrated research into teaching in different ways. The 15 projects come from the participants of the seventh course group in the qualification program “Research-based Learning at the TUHH”.

In a poster session, junior academics of all departments will present how they integrate research into their teaching courses in the framework of 15 teaching projects at the TUHH. Poster will be presentes in german and english.

In an interactive interview, the winners of the Tutor Teaching Award give an insight into the design of their group exercises and would like to talk to you.
On this occasion, Jenny Alice Rohde from the ZLL team will present the latest study results from the support and didactic qualification of tutors and discuss their significance and implications for tutorial teaching at the TUHH. (german only)

15.30-17.30 Uhr (A 18.1) Strategies and practices for engaging students in research and inquiry (Part I)

In an interactive talk, Mick Healey (HE Consultant and Researcher, Emeritus Professor at University of Gloucestershire, UK), will explore various options for integrating research and inquiry into the curriculum using mini cases from different countries with a focus on STEM disciplines.

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In a pitch and discussion, Ulrike Bulmann and Dorothea Ellinger will highlight what academics and students perceive as enabling to integrate research into teaching and which ideas they have based on studies at the TUHH.

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18.00-20.00 Uhr (TU&YOU Lounge) Strategies and practices for engaging students in research and inquiry (Part II)

(closed event part of the professor lounge, only registered participants)

In einem Gespräch mit Professoren der TUHH wird Mick Healey (HE Consultant and Researcher, Emeritus Professor an der University of Gloucestershire, UK) einige Schlüsselstrategien und Praktiken zur Förderung des Engagements der Studierenden in Forschung und Untersuchung in den MINT-Disziplinen und die Rolle der Professoren bei der Leitung dieser Initiativen erörtern.

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Place & Time

All parts of the event take place at the TUHH in building A.It begins in the foyer of the Learning and Communication Center (LuK), main building A, Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 1, 21073 Hamburg. Please follow the signs.


Photo and video recordings will be made at the event. Please contact the persons with the cameras if you have any questions.


Everyone is welcome: TUHH students and lecturers as well as guests!

A registration for the event parts from 13-17.30 o’clock is not necessary.

Participation in the second part of the Prof-Lounge Strategies and practices for engaging students in reaserch and inquiry ( from 6 pm) is only possible for professors of the TUHH after registration.