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Completed Teaching Projects

Detailed insights can be found in the project documentation here:

Dean of Studies Civil Engineering (B)

  • Mohammad Bazrafkan (B-08): Supervising students’ final theses: A practice, evaluation and strategy for enhanced student-supervisor cooperation in civil engineering (englisch) – Bazrafkan_Poster [Nov. 2021] – Project with Hristiana Velichkova
  • NEU: Dr. Tavseef Mairaj Shah (B-02): From master thesis to a peer-reviewed publication: orienting student theses to the research landscape (Poster_Mairaj Shah) [Dez. 2022] 
  • NEU: Patricia Peralta (B-01) & Jan Stührenberg (B-01): Incentivizing scientific working: Improving interdisciplinary collaboration in a project-based course (Poster_Peralta_Stührenberg) [Dez. 2022]

Dean of Studies Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics (E)

  • Haibo Ruan (E-10): How to Jigsaw in Zoom: An online experiment for peer learning in an exercise class (I³ProTeachING)
  • Antje Rogalla (E-16): Designing and analyzing open-application oriented labs in software verification education – 2020_11_10_AntjeRogalla_Poster-Sefi2020-I3ProTeachING
  • Peter Oppermann (E-EXK2) & Christian Busse (E-EXK2): Remote Lab for teaching Software for Embedded Systems: Can we teach hardware programming entirely online? Yes, we can… – Projekt 9 in ILIAS (Poster)
  • Bindu Sharan (E-14) & Prima Aditya (E-14): Conducting course CONTROL SYSTEMS THEORY AND DESIGN in a pandemic situation – Projekt 11 in ILIAS (Poster)
  • Timo Lipka (E-07) & Mathias Vermeer (E-07): Development and Implementation of new Silicon Photonics Lecture and PBL within the Master’s Program Microelectronics and Microsystems – Poster 5 in ILIAS (Poster)
  • Konstanze Schober (E-07) & Philipp Mohr (E-08): Application of ILIAS and Zoom-Surveys to Motivate Students in an Online Course – Projekt 8 in ILIAS (Padlet)
  • Julian Singer (E-09) & Oliver Mork (W-11): The IIC Movie – Institute’s image movie for student motivation (deutsch) – Movie [Nov. 2021]
  • NEU: Tobias Stamm (E-11) & Thilo Fischer (E-13): Connecting the dots -Teaching Theory and Practice in Computer Science (Poster_Fischer_Stamm) [Dez. 2022]

Dean of Studies Mechanical Engineering (M)

  • Sravan Shelam (M-04) & Alireza Abbasimoshaei (M-04): Applied Design Methodology in Mechatronics – a project-based learning – 2020_11_10_AlirezaA-SravanS_Poster_I3ProTeachING
  • Hristiana Velichkova (M-11): Supervising students’ final theses: A practice, evaluation and strategy for enhanced student-supervisor cooperation in mechanical engineering (englisch) Velichkova_Poster [Nov. 2021] – Project with Mohammad Bazrafkan (B-8)

Dean of Studies Process Engineering (V)

  • Daniela Eixenberger (V-06) & Leon Hennecke (V-06): Mentimeter in Colloquium – 2020_11_10_DanielaE_LeonH_Poster_I3ProTeachING
  • Ana Malvis Romero (V-6) & Jessica Lohmann (B-3): Flipped Classroom: Design Principles, Advantages and Challenges (englisch) – Romero_Lohmann_Poster [Nov. 2021] – Project with Simon Stock, Tom Steffen, Bela Wiegel, Nick Muhsal
  • NEU: Hannah Buchholz (V-10) & Daniel Brummerloh (V-10) & M. Raquel Serial (V-10): Designing and analysing PBL-projects in Process Imaging (Poster_Bucholz_Brummerloh_Serial) [Dez. 2022]

Dean of Studies Management Sciences and Technology (W)

Past projects on teaching innovations and analyses within the framework of a TU Hamburg continuing education program for the academic mid-level faculty are also available.