Research-related teaching and learning through research

Practice demands it, it is useful for one’s own career, and from the point of view of educational and learning theory, it makes sense to learn to research and also to learn to research. Finally, students and graduates should contribute to solving urgent social issues from an engineering perspective. To this end, they participate in current research and development consciously, actively and as early as possible in its entire process. In this way they acquire research and occupationally relevant technical and personal skills. At the TUHH, students are actively involved in research and development projects in a variety of ways and research references are integrated in or alongside their studies.

As subject specialists at the ZLL, we are happy to advise and support you with your ideas for a sustainable integration of research-based teaching and research-based learning at the TUHH.

Research-based teaching and inquiry-based learning at your fingertips:

  • Numerous examples of how research-based teaching and also research-based learning are implemented at the TUHH can be found on the pages of the Qualification program “Forschendes Lernen an der TUHH “and on November 5 from 4:30-6 p.m. on the 2nd floor of Building A during the get-together of the WiMi Getting Started program of the Graduate Academy.
  • In this 2-pagerwe have briefly compiled the most important information about research-based teaching and research-based learning at the TUHH for you.
  • In the interview, Prof. Sönke Knutzen (Vice President Teaching until 04/2019) explains what research-based learning means and how research-based teaching can be promoted at TUHH.

What is actually…?

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Goals, challenges and evaluation

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Curricular anchoring at the TUHH

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Extracurricular Integration at the TUHH

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Literature and Links

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Dr. Ulrike Bulmann

Dr. Ulrike Bulmann

Subject specialist in research-based learning
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3
Building E Room 4.028