Research-based learning at the TUHH

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The practice demands it, it is useful for one’s own career, and it makes sense from the perspective of learning theories: to learn by research. Finally, students and graduates should contribute to solving urgent societal questions from the perspective of engineering science. To do so, they participate in current research and development consciously, actively and as early as possible. In this way, they acquire research and career-relevant specialist and personal skills. At the TUHH, students are actively involved in research and development projects, and research-based learning is integrated into study programmes in a variety of ways.

We would be pleased to advise and support you with your ideas to implement research-based learning at the TUHH.


  • In an interview Vice-president Prof. Sönke Knutzen explains what research-based learning means and how it can be promoted at the TUHH.
  • At the SEFI 2018, Ulrike Bulmann and Sara Bornhöft will present the study on “Combining research and teaching in engineering. Creating a pedagogical qualification program on research-based learning for early stage researchers “. It focuses on the evaluation of the in-house qualification programme “Research-based learning at the TUHH”.


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