PBL – Learning formats with (basic) groups NEW

POL - Learning formats with (basic) groups

Linking theory and practice – working together on real problems

You want to activate your students and arouse their enthusiasm for a topic? Make use of the curiosity that develops when working on current and exciting problems. Only in groups can students develop their social skills and learn from each other.

Problems from research and industry prepared for teaching can make the complexity of your subject area and the links with other disciplines optimally tangible for students.

We support you in choosing the appropriate teaching format for you and your learning goals and help you to design the concrete process. You will be surprised how much you can move with small changes.

On this page you will find general tips and ideas for working with groups as well as concrete teaching formats. Concrete examples from TUHH give an impression of how the theory can be implemented. We also provide an overview of the support you can get at our university for working with groups.

If you have any further questions or need specific support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Marisa Hammer
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