The Interdisciplinary Bachelor Project (IDP)

New exciting challenges have led to the Interdisciplinary Bachelor Project (IDP) no longer being offered.

We would like to thank everyone who worked on it and developed the format with us. We would also like to thank our external partners once again for their enriching and trusting cooperation.

The fact that practical work in projects is still possible for all members of the TUHH thanks to the student workshop that has grown with our project is a unique selling point of our Technical University.
In the mechanical engineering degree programme, a practical project has been introduced in the first semester of the curriculum with the course TeamprojektMB. This is a first step towards a curricular, interdisciplinary project.

Within the framework of the TUHH’s orientation studies, young people can use projects with a practical component to find out which step on their educational path will be the next one for them after their school career. Here, too, important impulses came from the IDP.

We would be very pleased if the Interdisciplinary Bachelor Project format continues to inspire bold projects in the future. At the ZLL, we will continue to work to ensure that the TUHH consistently continues its development towards student-centred teaching and learning.

Uta, Siska and Anne

Uta Riedel
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Siska Simon
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Anne Bunde


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