Further qualification overview

Overview further qualification

TUHH’s Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) has offers for student teachers, academic mid-level staff as well as professors to further their teaching skills and optimise student learning.

The offers, tailored to the respective target group, enables you to discover new concepts for teaching, to exchange ideas with like-minded people on teaching topics and to master challenges in your own teaching together.

Our formats are: TeachING Appetizer, Onboarding for New Appointees, Professor Lounge, ZLL Workshops, I³ProTeachING and Student Teacher Training for the Design of Exercises as well as Project and Problem-Based formats.

The contact persons of the ZLL are also available to develop  tailor-made offers for further qualification for you.

ZLL Further Qualification in Numbers



I particularly liked: “…the mix of working myself and getting inputs”, “…the extremely valuable discussions. I have learned an incredible amount.”

Academic staff

Lessons-Learnt: „Teaching can be fun.“, „Thinking about competencies before designing and planning a lecture/exercise is important.“, „If I have to design a lecture, I know how to start and structure it.”, “There are many proven approaches that I can use to design my coming RBL course.” (Workshop)


I particularly liked:“…the interdisciplinary exchange.”, “…the new ideas and impluses.”, “…the very pleasant atmosphere.”, “…the manageable group of participants and the interactivity.” (Prof. Lounge)