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Shaping change together

In order to successfully develop a course of study from a didactic perspective, a holistic view is required that also includes structural, higher education policy and social aspects. The wishes, needs and demands of all parties involved need to be considered. Reasons for further development can be, for example, a change in the subject or the job description, a changed student body or competencies that are not sufficiently achieved by the students.

In close coordination and cooperation with the service department Teaching and Studies, we offer analyses to verify perceived needs for change in your degree programme or to identify new requirements. We also advise and support you in the design of the change process and the further development of the range of courses.

When designing new courses of study, the didactic perspective, i.e. the coordination of course and module objectives as well as teaching and examination methods, should also be considered from the outset.

On this page you will find concrete instruments that you can use in the further development of your curriculum. Examples from TUHH give an impression of how the theory can be implemented.

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What’s actually…

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Examples from the TUHH

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Perspectives and offers

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Future-oriented development of MINT study programmes

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