Engineering Education Research

The Engineering Education Research Group at the TUHH is concerned with investigating teaching and learning in the engineering sciences. A particular focus of the work of the group is on the understanding of key concepts and relationships in basic engineering subjects. Both qualitative and quantitative empirical methods, such as semi-structured interviews and diagnostic tests, are used for this purpose. Due to the close cooperation with the ZLL, the results obtained in the investigations can be directly used for teaching at the TUHH.

The homepage of the Engineering Education Research Group is available under the following link:

Meanwhile, you can still contact the staff as follows:

Prof. Christian Kautz
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3
21073 Hamburg
(040) 42878 – 4259
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Dimitri Eckert
(040) 42878 – 4618
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Ferdinand Kieckhäfer
(040) 42878 – 4817
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Dr. Layla Tulimat
(040) 42878 – 4899
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