The I³ProTeachING family is growing: WELCOME new participants! Currently, about 60 research assistants are active in I³ProTeachING. The program is currently successfully running in online formats. Save-the-date: The 1st final event will be celebrated on 10th of November 2020.

Any questions or ideas? Don’t hesitate to contact us via: i3proteaching@tuhh.de

I3ProTeachING is a “huge opportunity”, says Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kuchta, Vice President for Teaching. For more, watch the video!

Acquiring pedagogical skills, mastering teaching challenges in practice, networking across departments at TUHH and increasing career opportunities!

We would like to make all this possible for TUHH scientific staff with the qualification programme I³ProTeachING.

Our top priority here is to offer participants a flexible programme based on their individual interests and needs from which they and their institutes will benefit.

I³ProTeachING is thus a measure to maintain the quality of teaching at the TUHH at a high level and to feed it continuously with new impulses.

I³ProTeachING is designed and implemented by the Centre for Teaching and Learning in cooperation with the Graduate Academy, on the initiative of the office of the TUHH president in times of growth.

The preliminary and interim survey of the I³ProTeachING “Pioneers” points to a positive perception of the programme – in particular individual programme paths made possible by time flexibility are appreciated.

Approximately 60 research assistants started with initial talks and are now active in workshops, teaching projects, peer visits and reflection in their respective competence line in I³ProTeachING. Some of them are already preparing for their final event.

Teaching can be fun.“, „Thinking about competencies before designing and planning a lecture/exercise is important.“, „If I have to design a lecture, I know how to start and structure it.”, “There are many proven approaches that I can use to design my coming RBL course.” (Workshop participants, 16th of January 2020)

Evaluations of presence and online workshops show that participants have learned new, relevant content that can be implemented in their own teaching, they intend to realize specific digital media or pedagogical methods, they reflected on their own teaching personality and exchanged ideas about teaching across the institutes.


The interaction between the participants and with the instructors is central in the presence or online I³ProTeachING workshops.

programme structure

How we design the programme together...

competence line

There are currently two competence lines with attractive workshop catalogues etc. to choose from …


What might be of interest to participants and participating institutes...

We look forward to receiving your questions and suggestions at i3proteaching@tuhh.de