Interdisciplinary Bachelor Project


The Interdisciplinary Bachelor Project was designed to give first
 semester students of the TUHH an opportunity to obtain extra-curricular skills
 alongside their first acquirement of technical knowledge.

It helps students to practice the engineer’s role within a team right
 from the beginning of their studies.

After having successfully completed the third run in spring 2015, the
 ZLL project offers three different topics in this winter semester 2015/16. 
Freshmen with different interests and different study backgrounds work
 together on complex tasks – from concept design to practical 

The students’ workshop led by Hartmut Gieseler can be used by the students for the practical realization of their ideas.


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Project Concept

The framework for the project is a realistic scenario. The students are working, for example as a development team for a fictitious company. This professional context enables a first confrontation with the working environment of an Engineer. Competition between multiple teams acts as additional motivation for the students.

Students work on a complex assignment together as a team. Yet it is assured that the task is solvable in a relatively easy manner such that the first-semester students are challenged, but not overwhelmed. It is posed openly such that the student, on the basis of their own knowledge, can choose which technical approach they adopt.

For the duration of the project, technical questions can be posed to colleagues of the involved institutes of the TUHH. Whenever necessary, students are invited to contact them directly.

All stages of a typical project life cycle are run through, from the conception of the technical solution to the practical implementation. During the starting phase interactive “inputs” are held with regard to interdisciplinary topics. The students themselves are largely responsible for the organization of the subsequent weekly team meetings. ZLL personnel accompany them along with student tutors during these meetings.

The project runs adjacent to other lectures over the course of at least one semester such that students have enough time to develop and implement their ideas. Prescribed milestones structure the project. On these dates the teams present their current progress status and in return receive expert advice and feedback from institute personnel. As part of the interim presentation the teams present their solutions to one another and are able to exchange ideas. At the concluding event the prototype is presented and defended in front of a jury.


In the winter semester 2016/2017 three tasks are offered.

Luftschiff IconIn this project your task is to design and implement an engine and a remote control of a model-airship of approximately 3,50 m length. Additionally, it is required to design a safe landing procedure if the remote control is disconnected. The following topics are of importance:

– Mechanical design
– Electronics and application software
– Interdisciplinary work on a mechatronic system

Algae Reactor
Algen iconIn this project, you are faced with the challenge of designing, building and operating an algae reactor. The goal is to obtain the largest amount of biomass possible given a defined building space and a rope light of five meters length. This project touches upon with following subjects:

– Procedural apparatus engineering
– Microbiology
– Electronics
– Application software
– Use of renewable energies

Open Topic

vorschlag1_augeThis project allows you to realize your own ideas while perceiving the world from a different angle: The goal of this project is to develop and implement an interesting product for joint leisure activities with visually impaired people. You will work in close contact with members of the Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Hamburg e.V (BSVH) to develop technical solutions.

The thematic focus points will primarily depend upon your proposals.

English Publication:
An english brochure is available for download here.

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The interdisciplinary Bachelor-Project for first-year students with varying tasks has taken place every winter semester since 2012. Students have been working on a number of various topics.

Current: Winter semester 2015/16: Further Information will be given soon.

Winter semester 2014/15
Winter semester 2013/14
Winter semester 2012/13
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If you are interested in projects at the TUHH you will find more by following this link (German).

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