Decision trees

Digital Teaching@TUHH

ZLL, HOOU and the Computer Center have developed a selection guide for teachers at TUHH on digital tools for teaching. The decision trees provide an overview of digital tools supported by the data center and on which the ZLL provides advice. Tools that TUHH teachers recommend in the Mattermost channel “OnlineEduTUHH” were also included.

Do you use other tools at your institute that you would like to recommend to your colleagues? Share your knowledge with us via Mattermost or by email. The descriptions of the tools will be added continuously.

We wish all TUHH members a healthy and successful winter semester 2020/21.

For an initial introduction to digital teaching, we recommend the “Digitale Freischwimmer” from the ZLL.
Please also take a look at the handbook produced by ZLL and HOOU recently : “Practical Tips: Digital teaching at the TUHH“.
Current information from the TUHH Computer Center on the digital summer semester can be found here.
TUHH lecturers have the opportunity to exchange current experiences in digital teaching in the Mattermost-Channel “OnlineEduTUHH“.



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