ZLL specialist tutor training reaccredited according to nationwide standards

Just like study programmes, qualification programmes for tutors can also be accredited according to nationwide standards since 2016. The accreditation is organised by the Netzwerk Tutorienarbeit an Hochschulen (Network for Tutorial Work at Universities). The network is an interdisciplinary association of staff from science, university administration and (especially university didactics) further training from over 50 universities who are interested in tutorial work and are active in the field of tutorial work to exchange experiences. Accreditation is an important instrument of the network for quality assurance of qualification programmes. The criteria for accreditation include adherence to certain principles, such as process orientation, the treatment of certain topics, such as dealing with difficult teaching-learning situations, the implementation of peer observation and a minimum scope (30 work units). Training courses that meet these quality criteria can be accredited on a voluntary basis. The assessment is based on a comprehensive application and a personal interview.

Our training concept was already accredited in 2016 (see picture) and has now been successfully re-accredited. This means that our participants can receive certificates for at least the duration of the accreditation of four years, with which they can prove the nationally recognised quality of their training. The statement of the expert team states:

“The tutorial qualification programme of the TUHH has used the last 4 years intensively to further develop the already strongly participant-oriented offer in this direction. Thanks to the wealth of experience and material of the
Due to the persons responsible for the programme and the trainers, as well as the maximum number of participants of 12 persons in the training courses, the contents and exercises are geared to the concrete needs of the participants. This seems to be very profitable for the TUHH, as studies have shown that 60% of the participants go on to teach there. Thus, the work of the programme can be understood as early personnel development.
It is pleasing that this good and committed work is noticed at the university and that the qualification programme will be a permanent part of TUHH.”

Further information on our training courses and current dates can be found here: https://www2.tuhh.de/zll/angebot/weiterqualifizierung/tutorenschulungen/

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