Wissenschaftliter Mitarbeiter

Betreuer/in:            Zhi Kai Chong           
Dekanat/Institut:   V9 Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics           

E-Mail:   kai.chong@tuhh.de


Compost-ability studies on and improving the waste management system for biodegradable plastics


  • Research on current standards dealing with biodegradable plastics design and its composability
  • Carry out industrial composting tests in the lab and in the field
  • Carry out tests on bioplastic material and also on the composting matter
  • Data analysis
  • Make recommendations based on experimental results and the current status of waste management

You bring:

  • Readiness to work in the lab and in the field
  • A structured way of working with a high sense of responsibility
  • Expertise or interest in waste management and sustainability issues
  • German language skills and a driving license will be advantageous

We provide:

  • A chance to work on a current sustainability topic in the technology implementation phase
  • Insights into waste management and how it fits into the circular economy agenda

Please send a short application email via email if interested.

Contact Person

M.Sc. Zhi Kai Chong

Sustainable Resource and Waste Management

Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics (IUE)


+49 40 428784053

Website: https://www.tuhh.de/iue/forschung/forschungsgebiete/ag-abfallressourcenwirtschaft.html?no_cache=1

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