Visual Servoing for Robot-Needle Calibration

Betreuer/in:            Martin Gromniak           
Dekanat/Institut:   Institute of Medical Technology and Intelligent Systems           


Background: For needle placement applications such as biopsies or drug deliveries, robots have the potential to improve the overal procedures. For all applications, it is necessary to know where the needle tip is positioned with respect to the robot. This is known as needle calibration. In this work an automated needle calibration procedure should be developed. The robot moves the needle within a small workspace. Position and Orientation of the needle are detected by an existing stereo camera setup. Based on the visual feedback by the cameras, the robot’s position is iteratively adapted to reach the desired poses from which the needle calibration can be calculated.


  1. Literature Research on needle calibration and visual servoing
  2. Familiarize with the existing stereo camera setup and the existing needle detection algorithm
  3. Familiarize with robot control
  4. Implement visual servoing based on the camera feedback
  5. Calculate the needle calibration
  6. Test and evaluate the procedure with different needles

Requirements: Good programming skills, prior knowledge in robotics, interest in hardware setup and experimental work, ability to work independently

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