Video conferencing platform BigBlueButton available in Stud.IP

The video conferencing tool BigBlueButton (hereafter referred to as BBB) is now also available directly in Stud.IP. This means that BBB can no longer only be accessed via, but can be used directly in Stud.IP after activating the “Meetings” function.
A detailed step-by-step guide for creating a BBB room is provided by the Computer Centre here.
Initially, the number of participants is limited to approx. 20-25 people, so that the use of BBB in Stud.IP is particularly suitable for smaller events such as exercises, seminars or group work.

The integration of BBB into Stud.IP enables teachers and students to use a permanent meeting room within Stud.IP. This eliminates the need to send out extra invitations to virtual meetings. Guests who do not have a Stud.IP account at the TUHH can still be invited to events via a link.

If student groups have been set up in a Stud.IP event (under the tab Participants >Groups>Actions>Create new group), these groups automatically become visible in the room configuration of BBB.

The advantage: If you select a corresponding group when creating a BBB room, it can only be accessed by these members. This allows student groups to flexibly and quickly access their own group rooms for synchronous exchange at any time.

By the way, as in Zoom, in BBB you also have the option of sending participants to separate group rooms within the session (analogous to the breakout sessions in Zoom).

A small tip: You have the option of renaming the “Meetings” tab in Stud.IP. It may be useful at one point or another to clearly state what is behind “Meetings”. In this case it is BigBlueButton.

Further information

By the way, you can also find out more about how BBB works and how it is used via our decision trees here and on the pages of the computer centre.
If you would like to learn more about web meetings and their didactic potential in general, it is worth taking a look at the article on web meetings in the Digital Free Swimmer.
In addition, the ZLL is happy to answer didactic questions about BBB or video conferencing tools in general.
Contact person ZLL: Stephanie Wichmann

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