Use of production data for the implementation of automation solutions in the assembly of aircraft cabins

In order to be able to continue to produce competitively in high-wage countries, companies are increasingly turning to automation technology. In the area of aircraft cabins, flexible automation solutions such as industrial robots or projection systems offer great potential for increasing productivity in pre-assembly. An assembly demonstrator already exists for this purpose. Within the scope of this work, a database is to be developed that guarantees a continuous flow of information between production, assembly and all machines and systems involved. In addition, communication with the worker is to be taken into account.

Your profile

  • Interest in assembly topics and automation technology
  • Fun with conceptual work


  • Research on the state of the art of hardware interfaces, data exchange formats, data structures
  • Determining the required information of the existing systems, representation of the information flow from component to process
  • Selection of suitable exchange formats and interfaces and implementation of the existing systems
  • Practical validation using the existing demonstrator


  •  Start date: from July
  • Fast processing possible
  • Editing in the HomeOffice is supported

If you are interested, please contact us with your grades and CV: Florian Kalscheuer, M.Sc., M.Sc |

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