University of Twente’s New Education Model TEM

The University of Twente, also one of the Members of the ECIU Consortium, has been implementing a new, University wide education model in all of its bachelor programmes. The implementation was mostly driven by the Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching, the center for higher education didactics, which in its structure, size and operation is very similar to TUHH’s  “Center for Teaching and Learning” (ZLL).
The new model focusses on project-led and student driven education. On May 31st, 2-16 the University of Twente presents its model in the seminar “The ins and outs of TEM”.  After a successful first edition in Dutch, this second edition is in English, for (international) educational professionals and teachers who are interested in their innovative education model.
If you are interested, you can register through this link.

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