Tip for the hybrid semester: How to deal with limited number of participants per room?

When planning the hybrid winter semester 20/21, the problem may arise that the number of students exceeds the maximum permitted room capacity (e.g. if an unexpectedly large number of students want to participate in the face-to-face event and not via Zoom). We at ZLL would like to thank Felix Krol, WiMi at the Institute of Logistics and Management (W-2) for this concrete tool tip for all teaching colleagues:

One solution is the DFN Schedule Planner (https://abstimmung.dfn.de/). Here, the individual lecture dates can be stored, for which students must register individually. The scheduler offers the option of limiting the maximum number of YES votes per appointment, which in this case corresponds to the maximum capacity of the lecture hall. The survey can be password-protected against unauthorised access. In addition, the results, clear names and e-mail addresses can be hidden from those voting, so that data protection is guaranteed. Students can have an individual link generated after they have voted, which they can use to edit their registration set.
Survey administrators can download the registration lists via CSV export and thus have documented participation lists for each event.
After the survey has been created, the access link and password can be distributed to the students, e.g. as a Stud.IP announcement or by mail.

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