Techno-economic Optimization and Comparision of PEM- and Alkaline-Electrolyzer

Betreuer/in:            Lucas Sens           
Dekanat/Institut:   Verfahrenstechnik, Institut für Umwelttechnik und Energiewirtschaft           



Climate Change appears to be one of the biggest challenges of mankind. For a successful defossilization, a sector coupling based on renewable energies will play a key role. Hence, hydrogen seems to be the perfect universal energy storage and sector coupling option due to its broad application scope. Promising hydrogen production technologies are PEM-electrolyser (PEMEL) and alkaline-electrolyzer (AEL). While PEMEL can be operated highly dynamic, AEL is a mature and cheaper technology. Regarding a fluctuating renewable energy input, the preferable electrolyzer technology for green low-cost hydrogen production is not answered scientifically.

Research Task:

The main aim of this thesis is the techno-economic comparison of PEMEL and AEL. To do so, in a first step the recent literature for PEMEL and AEL will be reviewed concerning the technology-specific characteristics, eg., efficiency curves, dynamics, and hydrogen purity. Afterward, based on a given linear optimization model in Python, an optimization model for the PEMEL and AEL will be developed by especially considering the dynamics. Thereupon, with the generated data, the techno-economic assessment and comparison of the PEMEL and AEL will conclude the work. The thesis can be written in German or English. If you are passionate about this future-oriented and challenging topic, I am looking forward to your personal contact.

Contact Person:

Lucas Sens
Hamburg University of Technology
Building N, Room 1017
Tel.+49 (0)40/42878-4716

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