TAPdigital – Evaluation of your courses during the digital semester

Are you running a course this semester via Zoom or another video conferencing tool and would like student feedback on this that can be implemented during the semester? Then a Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) could be the tool of choice, because a TAP is also possible in digital teaching!

What is a TAP?

With the help of TAP, feedback from students on a course of any size can already be obtained during the semester. Possible changes based on the feedback can then still be implemented during the current event. Ideally, therefore, a TAP is conducted before the last third of the semester.

In order to achieve a high degree of openness from the students, their feedback is sought in the absence of the teacher. The ZLL staff conduct moderated group discussions with the students on three questions. This can also be done anonymously: For example, students can rename themselves if they wish before the ZLL staff member enters, i.e. give themselves a pseudonym and turn off their camera. After the appointment, the answers are reflected back to the teacher.

The three questions are:

1. what do you learn well from in this event?
2. what hinders your learning in this event?
3. what suggestions do you have for improving the obstructive points?

Procedure of a digital TAP:

  • Please contact the ZLL as early as possible. You are welcome to use this CONTACT FORM for this purpose.
  • ZLL staff will arrange appointments with you.
    • Whether one or two appointments are needed during the course depends on the number of students. For courses with less than 40 students, the TAP is conducted within one course term. For events with more than 40 students, two shorter dates are required (see charts).
  • Staff members of the ZLL attend your course. They briefly introduce the staff and leave the course.
  • The ZLL staff conduct the discussion based on the three questions (see above)
  • The students first work on these questions in groups and then share the results in plenary, a prioritisation of the answers follows.
  • The ZLL processes the information for you afterwards, discusses the interpretation with you and advises you on possible consequences if desired.
  • In the following event, you report back to the students what consequences you have drawn from the feedback.

TAPdigital with Zoom (up to 40 participants)

Big TAPdigital with Zoom (40 participants or more)


Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then please feel free to contact us: qualitaetsmanagement-zll@tuhh.de. Please register your TAP as early as possible. Registration is under: www.tuhh.de/zll/teaching-analysis-poll-tap/

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