Supporting research writing & scientific working


Supporting research writing & scientific working

Supporting research writing & scientific working – develop scientific writing and working skills in Research-Based Learning

The communication of the scientific approach and the results is an important part of the research process and also in the everyday professional life of engineers. For example, it is about defining complex challenges, deriving a research question, designing a research concept, pitching innovative ideas, documenting results of experiments, field tests, simulations, analyzing data, interpreting results, drawing conclusions and communicating results.

An early, explicit examination of the requirements of scientific working and writing demonstrably increases the quality of research reports. However, writing is not taught explicitly, especially in the STEM subjects, as it is often said: “I write my data quickly”. If the research and writing process is clarified and writing is used not only for documentation but also as an instrument of reflection, this can additionally contribute to the development of personal competence.

Goals and contents

In this workshop, you will learn about the subject-specific writing activities along a research process and how to use them meaningfully in teaching:

  •         Developing strategies for producing high-quality texts such as lab protocols or research reports in the STEM field
  •          Explaining the use of scientific language and professional use, how data is visualized as diagrams and graphs
  •          Tips and tools for correcting scientific texts, showing ways to correct protocols efficiently
  •         Trying digital media for collaborative writing like etherpads, online whiteboards
  •          Reflecting on the role of the teacher(s) in the writing process, especially in the case of student co-authorship
  •          Discussing transfer to own teaching practice


In a varied mixture of impulses, writing tasks from the writing pedagogy, working in small groups and discussions, you will explore and experience these approaches. You will develop initial ideas for work assignments for your students and receive feedback on them.

Bring along

Please bring a laptop or tablet to the workshop.

  • Workshop: 06.08.2020, 9am – 4pm
  •  Zoom
with whom?
  •  Kerrin Riewerts (external instructor)

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