Start into the teaching qualification program I³ProTeachING for 21 TUHH WiMis

The presentation of the teaching practice projects from the winter semester 21/22 in I³ProTeachING was less than two weeks ago, when 19 of 21 new participants started in the TUHH teaching qualification program with a full-day workshop on June 21, 2022. core With the exception of Dean G, doctoral students from all deaneries are again participating. The workshop “Starting Teaching at TUHH” always has three goals:

  • One is the introduction to very basic teaching and learning theories and topics, such as in this run, among other things, the examination of the topic of motivation from a student and teacher perspective.
  • Secondly, an initial introduction to the teaching culture at TUHH with insights into subject didactics and research-based learning. In order to experience this in a very practical way, Christina Eckel presented how students are activated by means of short summaries and peer instruction in the lecture “Smart Grid Technologies“. Matthias Lienau shared his experiences from the teaching innovation project he conducted together with Vanessa Trapp on the use of open-ended questions in a statistics exercise in the Technomathematics course.
  • The third focus is getting to know each other and exchanging information – about the doctoral projects as well as about one’s own teaching experiences or the best places in Hamburg to have a barbecue with friends.
The participants of the start workshop on 21.06.22

While the first two focuses also work well online, getting to know each other, exchanging ideas and networking still works best in presence. Therefore, we are very happy to see this cohort on our campus again. We wish all participants an exciting and motivating program!

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