Round Table on Zoom

Round Table on Zoom

The second week of lectures is now over and the first experiences with the conversion to digital teaching have been made. In addition to using platforms such as Stud.IP and ILIAS to communicate and share information, Zoom is the tool for communicating live with students in courses with up to 300 participants, sending them to breakout rooms or conducting polls. Therefore, it is time to familiarise yourself with the advantages and disadvantages and exchange useful tricks of this video conferencing system.

The ZLL invites the teachers of the TUHH to the round table on Zoom: The appointment will take place on Thursday, 07.05. at 16.00-17.30.

Sara Bornhöft and Klaus Vosgerau moderate the Zoom meeting, which is about an exchange of experiences between teachers and ZLL. It will be about concrete application as well as questions about how to keep students’ attention up during long sessions, for example. Teachers can also add their specific questions and comments.

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