Podcasts on education policy, university teaching & more

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular – also at ZLL – and bring exciting topics about university teaching & co to your ears on the go. Here are a few that we can recommend to you:

Campus & Career

The education magazine of the radio station Deutschlandfunk, which is broadcast almost daily, covers university-related topics as well as, for example, school education and the training system in its approximately 23 minutes. Recently covered topics are, for example, “Legal help for universities in the online semester” or “Digital semester and exams – the view of students and universities”.

Transformer house//Lehre

The podcast of the Higher Education Didactic Centre of Saxony is about digital teaching. Teaching concepts, experiences, study results and tips and tricks for teaching and learning at universities are discussed with teachers, students and researchers. Topics discussed in the maximum 30 minutes per podcast episode include e-moderation in online teaching or scholarship of teaching and learning.

Hamburg HEARs a HOOU

This HOOU@HAW podcast of very different lengths deals with topics such as “University teaching in times of the Corona crisis” or “Learning maths playfully”.

After work beer Open Education

This podcast on education, technology and open education sometimes lasts up to two hours. You can get a quick overview with the meaningful notes and reading tips.

Education + alt + enft

This podcast discusses current papers on education topics and gives tips on events. The blog is relatively long, but as with many other podcasts, you can jump directly to the sections of particular interest using chapter markers.

Study in Shutdown #WeStudyAtHome

In this podcast, students have their say and report on how they are doing in their digital studies. The podcast is currently taking a break. The episodes usually last less than 10 minutes.

42 – The search for answers in teaching and research

Here, mainly teachers who carry out teaching projects as part of the HOOU at the TUHH are interviewed. The episodes vary in length. The topics are, for example, “Higher education in the digital world” with Prof. Dr. Sönke Knutzen or “Academic writing under digital conditions” with Florian Hagen.

Lecture Breakers Podcast

In this English-language podcast, ideas and examples of how students can be more involved in teaching are presented with ever-changing guests. Sample topics include “How to Design Effective and Engaging Blended Courses” and “How to Create More Effective and Engaging Videos Without Getting Overwhelmed”.

Do you know of other recommended podcasts about higher education? Then we would be pleased to hear your comments.

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