Orientation students build a disinfection robot

Orientation students build a disinfection robot

The summer semester ended for the participants of Project Work II in the Orientation Studies with a successful final presentation in the fresh air. Nine students dedicated themselves to designing and building a disinfection robot for floors in hospitals. A task that the students chose for themselves.

At the beginning of the semester, it was not clear whether and to what extent a practical prototype could be produced at the end. The project was therefore to be carried out virtually for the time being with online team meetings and pursued the goal of presenting the robot with a detailed three-dimensional technical sketch. Different concepts were presented at online milestone meetings. A group of experts gave feedback and food for thought.

Towards the middle of the semester, it became apparent that the project could also be worked on practically. Here the students showed that the project experience from the winter semester (building a remote-controlled concrete boat) had paid off. Within a very short time, the students converted their previous construction plans into 3D print templates and coordinated all the necessary components. Thus, the prototype of the disinfection robot was built in three afternoons in the student workshop.

The robot is able to transport disinfectant via a pump into a sponge that is attached (and replaceable) under the bottom of the housing via a sliding mechanism. It can also drive and spread a trail of disinfectant behind it. Another goal was to be able to control and navigate the robot via a wifi module. However, a little more time would have been required for this.

The presentation in a small group was a complete success. The students were happy to have implemented something practical in addition to the many online offers.

In the coming winter semester, there will again be a project work for the students of the orientation studies.

Applications for a place on the orientation programme are still possible until 15 September 2020. Interested parties please write an e-mail to orientierungsstudium@tuhh.de

Further information is available on the Orientation Studies website.

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