New recording studio for teaching videos opened at TUHH

New recording studio for teaching videos opened at TUHH

As of now, you as a teacher at the TUHH have the possibility to stream and record your teaching in room A.009 with Mediasite. We took a look at the room together with TUHH media technology staff and compiled the most important information for those interested:

  • Access to the room is via the porter’s lodge or the media technology.
  • You will receive technicalsupport from the TUHH media technology.
  • The room booking is done via the room allocation. They then inform the media technology department, which organises the support and then returns the OK to the room allocation department and to you.
  • Room A.009 is particularly suitable for conducting synchronous online teaching (live digital events) with more than 300 participating students via live stream. The Audimax is thus relieved and can be used for presence events.
  • Even before lectures begin, the room can be used to record explanatory videos, short impulses or even entire lecture units and then make them available for asynchronous learning or flipped classroom scenarios in the winter semester.
  • The lecture recording system Mediasiteautomatically records the live streams – but you can decide for yourself whether you want to make the video available to students via Stud.IP afterwards.
  • In the room there is a regular green board, a camera on a tripod with which you can record your lecture while standing, for example, and a clip-on microphone for the audio track. There is also a document cameraon the table (visualiser) with which you can film drawings or handwritten calculations, for example. There is also a PC with a touch screen and a monitor.
  • Mediasite is multistream-capable, which means: you can incorporate the different sources (recording lecture standing up, recording hand drawings, PowerPoint presentation on the PC) into the video or live stream.
  • More information about the recording system Mediasite can be found here on the pages of the TUHH Computer Centre.
  • If you have booked the room, you can simply come into the room with your PowerPoint presentation or other files on a USB stick.
  • If you want to communicate with the students in parallel to the streaming, a backchannel is a good idea (for more information, see e.g. here
    in the Digital Free Float of the ZLL). Please note that the Mediasite stream runs with a slight delay (approx. 15 seconds). It is very helpful if you, as a teacher, are supported by someone in taking care of the backchannel – then you can concentrate on your course and your staff member can take care of the students’ questions.

For technical questions about recording in room A.009, please contact the lecture recording team at TUHH ( For didactic questions about online teaching, please contact Stephanie Wichmann or Dr. Sara Bornhöft from the ZLL.

Photos: Uta Riedel, ZLL

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