Monday: Round Table “Digital Teaching and Learning Between Semesters

It’s getting chilly outside and the first digital semester has finally come to an end. Each and every lecturer taught the subject content, set tasks and guided the students through the months in a new way, with a great deal of flexibility and commitment in the spring and summer of the corona-filled year 2020.

In digital teaching and learning, it was partly a matter of exhausting Zoom with chat, sharing and breakout rooms or even enriching it with further tools such as Etherpad or Mattermost. In part, the focus also had to be on implementing one’s own teaching digitally in the first place, relying on the tried and tested tools Stud.IP, ILIAS or Powerpoint. In the upcoming winter semester, many will now refine the concepts tested in spring or try out new approaches. For others, digital teaching is now coming up for the first time.

In order to support teachers to take the next steps and to benefit from the experience and exchange with colleagues, we invite you to the round table “Digital teaching and learning between semesters” on Monday, 26 October, 16.00 – 17.30 hrs.

In doing so, we have provided some impulses for the discussion:

  • Top or … just a little top? – Presentation on review and expectations from surveys by ZLL and ITBH
  • The next round is also on us! – Learnings and tips on digital teaching and learning
  • Five secret functions discovered in Stud.IP and ILIAS!‘ – Recommendations on the digital standard platforms of the TUHH
  • How do I know it’s on? – Three methods for feedback halfway through the hybrid semester

The digital round table will be moderated by Dr Klaus Vosgerau and Dr Sara Bornhöft and accompanied by other ZLL colleagues and Volker Mannhof (Computer Centre).

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