Mechanism design and construction of a reconfigurable therapy system

Betreuer/in:            Dr. Alireza Abbasimoshaei, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kern           
Dekanat/Institut:   Mechanical engineering, Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics           


The Institute for Mechatronics in Mechanics has a trend to develop robotics projects. Developing rehabilitation robots that can carry out versatile clinical procedures and provide all of the exercises in the home has been a long time challenge. To have a system with high Efficiency, it is better to have a reconfigurable system. The system is intended to have an adjusting ability according to different patients’ hands. Due to the high demand of this kind of system, the development should satisfy the requirements on the considered efficiency and size. Furthermore, it should have a reasonable lifetime. The above mentioned items should be considered in the design of the system. The development should start with an analysis of the possible problems during rehabilitation and the evaluation of the system will be based on the requirements that it can satisfy.

The aim of the work is construction of a reconfigurable therapy system (modular system) which can be used in home rehabilitation. This modularity provides the ability for the system to use minimum actuators for different tasks. As an example the system can do different exercises by changing the end-effector. In this concept, the proposed home rehabilitation robot should have two parts. The first part is at the home side. The patient can do the tasks according to the physician commands. According to improvement of the patient, the physician defines new exercises for the patient. The mechanism for the patient part has been designed and optimization and construction of that should be done. Moreover, the robot for physician part should be designed and manufactured. The project is an interdisciplinary with a core focus on robotics. This provides you the opportunity to learn different fields, such as mechanical engineering, control, medicine, and physiology.

The aim of the work is designing the mechanical part of the proposed therapy system.

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