Mattermost reloaded – exchange on digital teaching

Mattermost reloaded - exchange on digital teaching

The exchange channels on topics of digital teaching via the chat software Mattermost, which were made available for the first time in the summer semester 2020, were given a small facelift in cooperation with ITBH and ZLL in order to give (even) more space to the most pressing topics of digital teaching.

A total of nine channels are now available for exchange:

4 Channels for event formats

  • Lecture
    Exchange about asynchronous and synchronous possibilities of group work in virtual space.
  • Group exercises
    Exchange about asynchronous and synchronous possibilities of group work in virtual space.
  • Self-study units
    Exchange on the design and implementation of digital self-learning units
  • Exams
    Exchange about digital exams of any kind (formative, summative, alternative,…)

2 Channels for the use of videos in teaching

  • Video recordings
    Exchange on possibilities of creating and editing teaching/learning videos for lectures, self-learning units, etc.
  • Videoconferencing
    Exchange on the use of different videoconferencing tools such as Zoom, BigBlueButton, Jitsi, etc.

3 channels for general topics

  • Town Square
    For general questions, information and announcements on the topic of digital teaching
  • Using Mattermost
    Tips and tricks for using Mattermost
  • Off-Topic
    Here is space for topics without a concrete reference to the topic of digital teaching

You can find the general introduction with a short explanation of how to use the channels at

We cordially invite you to engage in an exchange on a wide range of digital teaching topics, to share experiences and to provide assistance to each other.

The established Mattermost Team OnlineEduTUHH is and remains first and foremost an exchange channel for all those at TUHH who would like to discuss the development, design and challenges of digital teaching.

In addition to the Mattermost channels, you can also use the decision trees designed together with HOOU and Rechenzentrum as a practical selection aid for digital tools. Using three didactic questions (e.g. How do I want to support my students in actively engaging with teaching/learning content?), you can find out about suitable tools in each case.

For didactic questions on the topic of digital teaching, please contact:

If you would like to develop open teaching and learning opportunities within the framework of HOOU, please feel free to contact HOOU colleagues at

For technical support in the use ofTools, please contact the computer centre at

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