Invitation to the webinar “Personalisable tasks & anonymous peer review” on Mon, 27.07.

In the webinar, the possibility of personalisable assignments with anonymous peer review for basic science and technology subjects will be discussed using a simple example assignment. In the method presented, all students receive their own assignment by e-mail, can solve it and submit their solution for correction via a learning management system. In order to reduce the correction effort for the teachers, the students then assess each other on the basis of a likewise personalised sample solution. The whole process is automated and therefore easily scalable. Compared to simple multiple-choice or numerical value tasks, the calculation method and approach can also be evaluated well here.


Dr.-Ing. Mathias Magdowski is responsible at the Chair of Electromagnetic Compatibility at Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg for the running of exercises, office hours as well as exam approval and implementation of the associated course “Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I and II”. Under his leadership, many teaching innovations have been introduced for this course in recent years, e.g. exercises according to the think-pair-share method, live quizzes with multiple-choice questions via an audience response system in the lecture, a Twitter challenge for playful activation of the students during the semester-free time, e-learning self-tests via Moodle, a video exam debriefing in the sense of the Inverted Classroom, etc.

Target group: Professors, research assistants, lecturers and senior engineers

Time: Monday, 27.07.20, 09:30-12:30 hrs

Location: ZOOM Link will be sent to those registered

You can find more workshops and the registration form here.

A video by Dr.-Ing. Mathias Magdowski on tips for online teaching in the Corona Crisis can be found here.

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