Invitation to the Prof.-Lounge “Doctoral Supervision in the 21st Century” (30.01.20)

Obtaining a doctorate embodies an independent and autonomous scientific achievement of the doctoral candidate, who is accompanied and supervised by an experienced scientist. The scope and quality of the supervision highly influence the success of a doctorate. However, good supervision also aims to prepare doctoral candidates for subsequent responsible positions within and outside academia.
In German higher education, anyone who is formally qualified to independently teach and perform research, is allowed to supervise doctoral students. A supervision-specific qualification is not obligatory. This is often different in Scandinavian countries, where special qualifications are required.
Guests from the University of Stavanger will highlight what differences, but also commonalities, exist by presenting their PhD-Supervisory Qualification Program as well as the Ethical Guidelines for Supervision of their university.
Their presentation will be the starting point for a joint reflection and discussion on doctoral supervision in Germany and especially within the TUHH. Recommendations of the DFG and the Wissenschaftsrat, for example regarding supervision agreements or the establishment of thesis committees, will also be taken up and discussed.

Invited experts from the University of Stavanger:
Håvard Hansen, professor of Economics (marketing), Faculty of Social Sciences, academic director of the university’s cross-faculty PhD-Supervisory Qualification Program.
Helge Bøvik Larsen, professor of Physics (crystallography and materials science), Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Science and Technology.

Language: English
Prof. Andreas Timm-Giel, Vice-President for Research
Co-Host: Dr. Krista Schölzig, Graduiertenakademie

Date: Thu 30 January 202, 04:00 p.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Place: TU & You Lounge

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