Invitation to the presence workshop “Spontaneity in Teaching” on 23.10.

There are still a few places left in the new workshop “Spontaneity in Teaching” with director Ingrid Gündisch. The workshop will take place with a reduced group in the large rooms at Channel 4, taking into account covid-19 safety measures.

Target group: Scientific staff, lecturers and senior engineers

Initial situation:
Not everything in teaching can be planned in advance: the technology breaks down, the event is disrupted or a quick stand-in for a colleague is required: there are many situations in teaching where spontaneity is required.

The seminar will therefore work on the spontaneity, verbal repartee and stress resistance of the participants. How can I prepare myself physically and vocally for the lecture? What can I do about stage fright? How do I react when things don’t go according to plan? What can I do to maintain the necessary composure under stress and time pressure, to remain able to make decisions and to appear authentic and confident?
The knowledge, methodology and practical exercises of theatre are used to be convincing in teaching even in stressful situations. The focus is equally on inner attitude and body language.

Methods/forms of work:

  • Theory and practice on spontaneity, improvisation, repartee
  • Exercises for associative thinking
  • Game instructions on the topic of spontaneity
  • Training for a lustful “life in the moment
  • Optional Power Point Karaoke

Time:Fri, 23.10.20, 09:30-17:00

Location: Channel 4, Room 8

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