Investigations into the compostability and improvement of the waste management system for biodegradable plastics

– Research on current guidelines dealing with the design of biodegradable plastics and their compostability
– Carrying out composting trials in the laboratory and in the field
– Carrying out tests on the bioplastic material and also on the composting material
– Evaluation of the data
– Make recommendations based on the test results and the current state of waste management

You bring with you:
– Willingness to work in the laboratory and in the field
– Structured way of working with a high sense of responsibility
– Expertise or interest in waste management and circular economy issues
– A driving licence is an advantage

We offer:
– A chance to work in a current sustainability topic close to the implementation phase
– Insights into waste management and how it is integrated into the circular economy
If you are interested, please send a short application email.

M. Sc. Zhi Kai Chong
Sustainable Resource and Waste Management
Institute for Environmental Technology and Energy Economics (IUE)
+49 40 428784053

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