Investigation of controller structures for hydraulic power transmission between slat PCU and flap PCU in case of failure

One of the current research topics in aircraft hydraulics is the investigation of new zonal electrohydraulic systems. One possible system concept is based on a multifunctional power control unit (PCU). In addition to its function as the central drive unit of the leading and trailing edge flaps (flaps and slats), the PCU can also be used for hydraulic power supply. In this case, an electric motor drives a hydraulic machine as a pump via a differential gear (DG). Since the hydraulic motors of both PCU’s are connected by a common hydraulic circuit, power can be transferred between the drive units. This operating mode is important when one of the electric motors has failed and slats and flaps are to be moved simultaneously. The aim of the work is to investigate controller structures for this operating mode. The special feature here is that three manipulated variables are available for two command variables.


  • Familiarisation with the technology of drive units of high-lift systems and basics of hydraulics
  • Building a linear model of the system in Simulink
  • Design of different controller structures
  • Design of the controllers using Matlab/Simulink
  • Evaluation and selection of a suitable concept
  • Test of the selected controller structure on a non-linear, given simulation model

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