Greenhouse experiments to investigate C and N dynamics in microbiological soil buildup

Betreuer/in:            Lukas Huhn           
Dekanat/Institut:   Bauwesen, Institut für Abwasserwirtschaft und Gewässerschutz           



As part of the project “Intensive Soil buildup – Influence on Dynamics in Water and Nutrient Cycles” at the Institute for Wastewater Management and Water Protection, various methods for soil health assessment are evaluated. Physical, chemical and microbiological parameters are considered in order to obtain a holistic picture of the soil condition. Based on these methods, possibilities for the development of a sustainable, soil-regenerating, water-conserving and climate-resilient agriculture are demonstrated. In the project a greenhouse was built to study the effect of different compost substrates on soil and plants. In parallel, a lysimeter is operated to investigate the carbon and nitrogen dynamics in the microbiological soil buildup under fixed conditions.


In this bachelor or master thesis, the greenhouse experiments will be initiated and conducted. The focus can be chosen within the topic “C- and N-dynamics in microbiological soil buildup”.

The aim is to plan, implement and evaluate a complete vegetation period in the greenhouse. For this purpose, the candidate will monitor the plant regularly, take samples and perform the laboratory analysis. The results will be the basis for further research in the project.


The work can start directly.

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