Go up in your tutoring job, not down! – Free places in the specialist tutor training course

Are you going to be a tutorduring the summer semester and want to prepare for your job while earning two credit hours (LP) in non-technical coursework?

Or you work with tutorsand would like them to perform their tasks even better (supported by didactic training)?

More information:

Target group: Tutors who regularly give tutorials during the summer semester.

ECTS: For successful participation* you will receive two LP in the non-technical course offering in BSc. (Seminar “Fundamentals of Higher Education Didactics in Theory and Practice“) or MSc. (Higher Education Didactics in Theory, Research and Practice). Different requirements apply.

Dates all via ZOOM

Group 1 with Jenny

  • Tue, 30.3., 09:30-14:30 first training day
  • Sun, 11.04., 09:30-16:00 second training day
  • Sun, 02.05., 09:30-14:30 third training day
  • Sat, 29.05, 09:30-12:00 fourth training session
  • last training date in June or July 90 min

Group 2 with Nina & Melanie

  • Wed, 31.3., 09:30-14:30 first training day
  • Sat, 10.04, 09:30-16:00 second training day
  • Sun, 02.05., 09:30-14:30 third training day
  • Sat, 29.05, 09:30-12:00 fourth training session
  • last training date in June or July 90 min

ZLL - Tutorenschulung - Tag 1_Foto_RohdeTraining topics:

  • Role as tutor
  • Learning processes and theories
  • Group dynamics, motivation, digital teaching, teaching under pandemic conditions and didactic reduction.
  • Explanation and questioning technique
  • Planning, implementation and reflection of an exemplary event unit
  • selected topics from the didactics of engineering (methodology, results, implications for teaching)
  • Peer observations including reflection work

Applicationfor a place:
Places are limited. Write Jenny Alice Rohde (040/42878-4613, j.rohde@tuhh.de) as soon as possible with the following information:

  • Exercise you give
  • Format of the exercise (digital, face-to-face, hybrid)
  • Brief description of your tutoring job (how many exercises, how long, do you pre-calculate or assist students in solving assignments independently, etc.)
  • Supervisor at the institute
  • Your experience in group leadership (including off-campus)> experience is not a prerequisite for participation
  • Group in which you would like to participate. The more training groups you can potentially participate in, the higher your chance of getting a spot.
  • Your wishes for the training

There are advantages for you if more than one tutor from a particular subject participates in a training group, so – if possible – coordinate with your fellow tutors or make them aware of the training.

*The relevant information in the curricula applies in each case https://studienplaene.tuhh.de/


Kann ich an der Schulung teilnehmen, wenn ich einen der Schulungstage nicht einrichten kann?
Für die Teilnahme an der Schulung ist es eine Voraussetzung, dass Sie an allen Schulungsterminen teilnehmen können. Mit der Ausnahme von Tag 1 und 2 ist ggf. ein Wechsel in eine Parallelgruppe möglich. Ein Wechsel sollte frühzeitig besprochen werden.
Kann ich als StartING Tutor/in an der Schulung teilnehmen?
Unsere Schulung und ihre Inhalte richten sich an Tutor/innen, die Übungen geben. StartING Tutor/-innen erhalten eine umfangreiche Schulung durch die Zentrale Studienberatung, die speziell auf StartING zugeschnitten ist. Daher dürfen nur StartING Tutor/-innen an unserer Schulung teilnehmen, die zusätzlich eine Übung leiten.

(Source of the quotation in the title in reference to Jacques Tati).

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