Formalizing model updates for wireless sensor networks in cognitive buildings

Betreuer/in:            Muhammad Ekbal Ahmad           
Dekanat/Institut:   B-1, Institute of Digital and Autonomous Construction           



Cognitive buildings are equipped with monitoring systems that use sensor networks to measure and improve the performance of the buildings. The current practice in modeling monitoring systems for cognitive buildings lacks an approach to formally model the systems, which change over time. In software engineering, formal methods and model transformations are approaches to obtain formal models of systems and to update the models based on algebraic techniques. This thesis focuses on using and integrating formal methods and model transformations for modeling monitoring systems of cognitive buildings equipped with wireless sensor networks and on providing a mechanism to automatically generate updated models.

Your tasks:

  • Requirements analysis and formal modeling of monitoring systems.
  • Updating of formal models of monitoring systems.
  • Interpretation and assessment of model changes.

Focus area: formal methods.

Related papers:

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Muhammad Ekbal Ahmad, M.Sc.


Institute of Digital and Autonomous Construction.

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