Feldmessungen zur Bodenatmung

Betreuer/in:            Lukas Huhn           
Dekanat/Institut:   Bauwesen - Abwasserwirtschaft und Gewässerschutz           

E-Mail:   lukas.huhn@tuhh.de


As part of the project “Intensive Humus buildup – Influence on Dynamics in Water and Nutrient Cycles” at the Institute for Wastewater Management and Water Protection, various methods for soil health assessment are evaluated. Physical, chemical and microbiological parameters are considered in order to obtain a holistic picture of the soil condition. Based on these methods, possibilities for the development of a sustainable, soil-regenerating and water-conserving agriculture are demonstrated. The experiment sites are at a nearby Demeter farm (http://www.overmeyer-landbaukultur.de).


In the course of the project a low-tech method for measuring soil respiration was developed. The method is extended with an Arduino system in a master thesis in the field of mechatronics. The task in this student research project is to accompany the experiments with common methods for measuring soil respiration and other parameters in order to test and calibrate the Arduino system. The task could be extended for a master thesis.

The aim is to create a database that allows a final assessment of the system. This requires regular field measurements and laboratory analyses.

The work can start directly.

If interested -> email us: lukas.huhn@tuhh.de

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