Evaluation of an expert survey on preventive groundwater protection in agriculture with R-Studio


As part of the PhD project “Intensive humus build-up – influences on dynamics in the water and nutrient cycle”, an expert survey was conductedt and a first evaluation undertaken. The topic of the survey was measures to adapt land management to reduce nitrate contamination in groundwater. For this purpose, selected experts from urban water management and agriculture were interviewed. One aim of the survey is to show different positions of the various actors.


The task of this project work is an extended statistical evaluation of the survey. If possible, the evaluation should be implemented with R Studio, a development interface and GUI for the free programming language R. With good previous knowledge, an analysis with the data analysis software Origin would also be possible. Basic knowledge of statistics and programming is desirable but not necessary.


The aim is to supplement the existing evaluation with bivariate analyses and thus enable the investigation of further hypotheses.


Since the survey was conducted in German and also contains free-text answers, a good to very good knowledge of German is required. The work can begin immediately.

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