Activate students

A typical situation in courses:You’ve asked a question to the students, but no one in the auditorium responds. How can we encourage students to think and cooperate – and why should we do this? These are the questions we will be exploring in this workshop.


The aim of this workshop is that you:

  • know and be able to use activating methods
  • are aware of when and why you want to
    use them in your courses
  • are able to assess under which conditions activation is successful
  • can use Activation in your course,
  • inform yourself about the learning status of your students


Using the “Peer Instruction” method, we will discuss the ideas behind activating forms of teaching and what can be achieved with this method. You will have the opportunity to prepare the contents of your own course for this method and to test it in the workshop itself.

BRING along

It is helpful if you have materials from your course (e.g. lecture notes, exercises and exams, preferably in electronic form) available during the workshop. This way you can work directly with the contents of your own course.

  • Tue, 08.12.2020
  • 9.30 am – 4.30 pm
  • E 4.033
with whom?
  • Prof. Christian Kautz

English possible. Please contact us, if you would like to participate in english.

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