ECIU University: First European Society Quest in Linköping

Building a new way to learn in higher education with Challenge-based Learning (CBL) is the goal of the ECIU University community. On February 14 in Linköping at the first European Society Quest we got one step closer: Nine municipalities from different countries of the network partners presented their challenges to members from eleven ECIU Universities.

We felt very welcome on the beautiful campus of the Linköping University with a fantastic “Studenthuset” (house for students), with so many great opportunities to work and learn together. 

It was very inspiring to meet interesting motivated people all engaged in ECIU University. We worked with the challenge providers and members of several universities on which elements of the grand challenges can be dealt with by students tackling those challenges. Even though they came from different European countries some of their challenges are rather close in their nature and provide opportunities to develop CBL projects. For example: How can we manage green mobility? Is there a way we can include all citizens using apps and smart technology to manage our daily life? How should we change our housing policy to get all people from the streets in decent housing projects? What can we do to optimize our waste-management circles? 

Ideas and visions were exchanged about different didactical settings to foster the learning process of students in Europe while engaging in research and innovation. Face to face and online will be the way students in the CBL projects will work together. And that is also the way for the ECIU team to set up the ECIU University: It is for all of us a big challenge, that will force us to rearrange learning settings at some stage. 

We take this challenge and are looking forward to it!

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