ECIU Steering Committee Innovation in Teaching and Learning

The third meeting of the rather new ECIU steering committee for Innovation in Teaching and Learning discussed among other topics the Masterclass on Learning Analytics which is scheduled to take place in 2016. A call will be sent to member institutions for expressions of interest to host masterclasses in 2016.

The European Commission now has a new Director General for Education and Culture, Martine Reicherts.

In a three stage process the new Mission Statement of the steering committee has been spelled out. It will be finalized in the coming weeks to be presented at the ECIU Board Meeting in November.

Other news from ECIU Teaching and Learning related initiatives:

The new ECIU Student Exchange Brochure is out.

It features all ECIU member universities, exchange programmes and joint double degrees that ECIU has to offer. It’s a useful handbook for students who are interested in doing an exchange semester or a degree abroad.

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