ECIU – continuing the mission!

European Commission grants four more years for ECIU-University.

We are happy to announce that the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) was granted the European Union Erasmus programme and can therefore enter the second phase of building a European University!

20 networks of higher education institutions were selected for the grant. TUHH, as founding member of the ECIU-university is entering the next level of its engagement for innovative teaching and learning and the development of a European university ecosystem.

At ZLL we are heavily engaged in the development of ECIU-University promoting the Challenge-Based-Learning teaching format by offering workshops and consultation and fostering the execution of TUHH-challenges.

Just this week the challenge “Plastic: solution or pollution? Closing the loop towards a circular economy” conducted by Jose Chacon and Kai Chong started with 10 participants.

The TUHH Project team is very grateful to all involved within the ECIU. We are very much looking forward to the coming years and evolvement of the ECIU University.

Learn more about the challenges to come and the next steps planned within the ECIU-cosmos.

Official press releases can be found on the following websites:


European Commission

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