Distributed Cooperative Control of Mobile Robots under Lossy Communication

Betreuer/in:            Christian Hespe           
Dekanat/Institut:   Institute of Control Systems           

E-Mail:   christian.hespe@tuhh.de


For many large scale control problems, it is not tractable to analyse or design appropriate controllers in a centralized fashion. Instead, in many cases it is more meaningful to tackle the problem in a distributed manner, that is to introduce small scale problems that exhibit the desired behaviour in collective.

Many times information is exchanged in such multii-agent systems using wireless communication networks. Most often, these networks are assumed to be ideal from the control perspective, that is that they exhibit no delay and never loose information that was supposed to be transmitted. To bridge this gap, stochastic methods have been developed that explicitly take the effects of loss of information into account.

Along this line of research we can offer multiple Bachelor or Master theses. Possible topics include

  • Empirical studies for evaluating the effect of communication parameters on control performance
  • Evaluation of controllers synthesized with simplifying assumptions on realistic scenarios
  • Event-triggered control under packet dropouts
  • Bench-marking of available tools for modeling and simulation of underwater communication for  specific control scenarios

Depending on preference, the theses can be focused more on empirical or theoretical work.


  • Interest in multi-agent systems.
  • Some knowledge/experience in controller synthesis or communication networks is advantagous but not required.


This work is part of a research project in the context of the DFG Schwerpunktprogramm 1914 “Cyber
Physical Networks” and will be carried out in cooperation with the Computer Networks Group of the
University of Koblenz-Landau.

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