Development of ceramic-based macroporous nanomaterials

Betreuer/in:            Kaline P. Furlan           
Dekanat/Institut:   Mechanical engineering, Institute of Advanced Ceramics           


PROJEKTARBEIT: Development of ceramic-based macroporous nanomaterials

About the project

The project will be developed within the framework of the Area C of the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center SFB 986, check for details. The application focus is on photonic materials, however such ceramic-based macroporous structures can be applied in several other fields, including catalysis, sensing, electrodes, wetting and filtration.


Fabrication and characterization of photonic materials including:

  1. Self-assembly process
  2. Atomic layer deposition process
  3. Heat treatment cycles
  4. Characterization
    check for an example


  1. Reliable and compromised, with an organized work style and eager to learn;
  2. Capable of communicating in English (project language is English);
  3. Have availability to work at least 10h/week in the project work (max 19.5h/week);
  4. Advantageous: prior knowledge of laboratory-work basics.

How to apply?

  1. Prepare a CV in English (maximum 2 pages). Save the file with your complete name as file name, i.e. Name_Surname_CV.pdf;
  2. Save your current transcript of records as .pdf file. Name it as Name_Surname_TR.pdf;
  3. Write a short motivation paragraph (maximum 300 words) including how many hours per week you have available to work and from which date on you could start. Include this in your E-mail text;
  4. Send your application documents via E-mail to:

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