Development of a methodology for predicting the fuel system of a hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft


The European Commission aims to reduce pollutant and noise emissions by 2050. Under this target, a reduction of NOx (90%), CO2 (75%) and noise (65%) is intended. The development of hydrogen-powered aircraft can make a significant contribution to this. Within the framework of concept development, system solutions such as various propulsion concepts and their fuel supply systems must be analysed, among other things. Within the scope of this work, a consistent methodology for the prediction of the supply architecture of hydrogen-based hybrid propulsion systems is to be developed. Based on this methodology, a broad solution space can thus be analysed and the accuracy of the assessment can be increased by means of equation-based modelling, e.g. of the component or total system weight and other parameters relevant for the architecture.


  • Familiarisation with the state of the art of hydrogen-based supply architectures and their requirements on the basis of given literature, among other things.
  • Modelling of the distribution system of hydrogen on board an aircraft using a developed (MA)/given (BA) concept
  • Integration of the models into a consistent prediction routine for the GeneSys overall system design environment in MATLAB.


  • Knowledge of MATLAB & object-oriented programming
  • Knowledge of plant systems engineering and heat transfer

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